The Transportation Infrastructure and Systems Engineering (TISE) Program of the Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech provides unique graduate study and research opportunities. The program includes all aspects of planning, design, construction, operation, management, and rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure and systems. TISE program is multimodal, with an emphasis on ground transportation by private automobiles and transit, and air transportation. As its name suggests, TISE Program consists of 2 main sections, namely, Infrastructure and Systems. The main focus of the Infrastructure section is on the life-cycle performance of the civil engineering infrastructure including the performance of Portland cement concrete, hot-mix asphalt and composites; nondestructive evaluation; and transportation infrastructure management. The main focus of the System section is on transportation infrastructure system capacity management versus capacity expansion

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Kayla Sykes develops in-vehicle safety application

As part of a Connected Vehicle-Infrastructure University Transportation Center project, Virginia Tech graduate student Kayla Sykes of Richmond, Virginia, tested an in-vehicle application with the potential to improve driver safety and save time. Read more…

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Pamela Murray-Tuite looks into ways to evacuate

The way people evacuate during emergencies could become even more effective. Virginia Tech researchers are working to make the process easier and save lives. “Unfortunately I think each disaster teaches us something new,” said Dr. Pam Murray-Tuite, a Civil Engineering Associate Professor with Virginia Tech. She hopes with the help of a team of researchers, Read more…

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Alumnus takes part in unveiling pavement test machine

“A new partnership could make your ride smoother and save you tax  money too.” According to an article on WDBJ7, the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute unveiled a new machine called the heavy vehicle simulator. Led by Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering alumnus, Brian Diefenderfer Read more…

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