Current Opportunities

For more information about these programs, you may contact Lindy Cranwell.

CEE Faculty-led opportunities to study abroad

– Winter Session 2020 – CEE 3954: CEE Research Experience in China (2 credits)

Students will travel from January 3-15, 2020. Apply now for winter session travel program. 

All students in this course must have taken CEE 3984: Global CE topics – China and US in the fall 2019 (register in Hokiespa), 1 credit.

– CEE 3954: Bridges, Builders & Society – Spring 2020 with May travel
Students will study in Spring 2020 semester and travel in May 2020. The class is CEE 3954: Bridges, Builders & Society where students learn about famous bridge designs, the builders who created them and the impact to the society where these bridges are located. Students will visit the communities and bridges to finalize the learning in this class. Students will travel to Italy, Austria & Switzerland in May 2020. Program fee is $2800. Scholarships are available. Apply now. 

– Fall 2020 CEE Semester Abroad
CEE will lead students to the Steger Center in Switzerland for a full semester study-abroad program. CEE 3684, CEE 3404, CEE 3954 (Bridges, Builders, and Society) will be taught. Students may choose a fourth class online or from options in Switzerland. More information will be available soon. 

CEE-organized opportunity to study abroad

SUMMER 2020 Study Abroad Opportunity*:

CEE students have the opportunity to study abroad at INTEC (Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from May-August 2020. Select engineering courses will be taught in English. If you are interested, contact Lindy Cranwell by January 2020.  

List of possible engineering courses taught in English:
-CEE 3104: Introduction to Environmental Engineering (3 credits) = INC-349 (4 credits)
-CEE 3304: Fluid Mechanics for CEE (student will have to take the fluids lab in their first semester back at VT) (4 credits for Lecture & Lab) = ING 208 (5 credits)
-CEE 3404: Theory of Structures (3 credits) = INC 309 (4 credits)

Non-engineering courses may be taken as well. Spanish courses available.

*All students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5