CEE Ambassadors

Matt Tyler is a senior from Newport News, Virginia. He enjoys basketball, camping and cliff jumping. A self-proclaimed Taco Bell Enthusiast, you can guess where he might spend extra time! Matt is interested in structures – specifically skyscrapers and stadiums. His goal is to obtain a master’s degree in structural engineering, earn his P.E. and design efficient and sustainable buildings that improve quality of life.
Missy Joye is a senior from Chesapeake, Virginia. Outside of engineering, she enjoys beaches, wetlands and cats! Her interest in civil engineering is in the water resources area. She hopes to pursue a career in the water area to work on flood plain mapping in coastal areas.
Stephen Harris is a senior from Hamilton, Virginia. Specifically, he enjoys traveling, outdoor activities and focusing on his faith. In the field of civil engineering, his interests are land development and sustainable infrastructure. One day, he hopes to own his own practice and make the world a better place.
Rusty Rouillier is a senior from Forest, Virginia. When she isn’t working on engineering things, she is crafting and baking. Her interests in civil engineering are the quality of our drinking water, environmental engineering and ethics. As a goal, she hopes to become a professor or a permanent student at VT!
Daniela Charles is a junior from Hampton, Virginia. Other than focusing on engineering, she participates in the Caribbean Student Organization, enjoys painting and drawing and loves to play tennis. In civil engineering, her interest is in transportation. She hopes to pursue a career with a civil firm and enjoy what she does!
Carly Edwards is a junior from Waynesboro, Virginia. She enjoys music, volleyball, and reading when she isn’t focusing on her engineering work. In the civil engineering area, she hasn’t settled on a specific area yet but the areas of land development and water resources are strong contenders! As a professional goal, she aspires to possibly work in consulting with the government which would allow her an opportunity to work on a diverse array of projects.
Casey Britt is a senior from Great Falls, Virginia. She enjoys field hockey and college football and basketball when she doesn’t have her textbooks open and is studying! Her interest in civil engineering is in land development. She has a goal to earn her P.E. and be able to teach new engineers how to engineer!
Emma Walsh is a junior from Poquoson, Virginia. She is currently co-oping at a construction site in northern Virginia, on a project to replace the disinfection facilities at a wastewater treatment plant. When she’s not at work, she likes to play with her 3 foster cats. Within Civil Engineering, she plans to pursue her graduate, and potentially doctorate, degree in Geotechnical/Structural Engineering and design building foundations.