EWRI-COPRI Students Volunteer at Kids Tech University

EWR Students demonstrate the wave flume at Kids Tech University

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWR) graduate students from the combined Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI)/Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI) student chapter volunteered at Kids Tech University on 18 March 2017. Kids Tech University is a program at Virginia Tech that encourages young children to become interested in STEM related studies. The EWRI-COPRI booth, which was setup in Cassell Coliseum, showed visitors how wave flumes work.

During the demonstration, visitors were taught about different types of waves using the 8-foot flume. The kids helped to generate the waves themselves. The effects of both regular waves and tsunamis were discussed. Coastal protection was illustrated using miniature models. Several families were enthusiastic to talk about ways to mitigate damage from tsunamis and other weather-related events. It was a good learning experience for young children who had fun playing with the wave flume.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Children at Kids Tech get some hands-on experience learning about waves


EWRI-COPRI President Yi Liu showing how waves cause erosion


EWRI-COPRI volunteers demonstrating how a sea wall helps to protect the beach from heavy waves

Photo Credits: Morgan Dicarlo and Nevetha Ramesh