Environmental Fluid Mechanics Research

S_environmnetal_fluid_mechanics_researchFaculty Member: Dr. Erich Hester

  • Modeling of aquatic ecosystems
  • Movement of water and sediment through wetlands
  • River mechanics and sediment transport
  • Numerical modeling and experimental studies
  • Migration of pollutants in streams
  • Ecohydraulics of streams, rivers, and wetlands
  • Design of channels for flood control
  • Particle settling in high solid suspensions
  • Fluid-sediment interaction in gravel-bed streams
  • Analytical models of river-channel stability
  • Chaos phenomena in fluid mechanics
  • Scour at bridge piers

A large, tilting flume (70 ft long, 4 ft wide, and 2 ft deep) was recently installed at theĀ K.S. Baker Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory. The flume was designed in house and contains unique, built-in features for simulating the passage of flood waves through simple and compound channels, as well as flow around structures such as bridge piers and through wetlands.