Environmental Models

These models were specifically developed for classroom use. The include a high degree of interaction and visuals. Unless otherwise noted, the models require Windows 3.1 or greater.

This software may be freely used for educational purposes. Please contact the authors prior to commercial use. No warranty of any kind is made for this software.

  • Streeter-Phelps DO model version 0.9 (2.5 MB)
    Windows 95 stream dissolved oxygen using sliders to vary parameters.
  • pCpH Diagrammer version 1.2c (610k)
    Windows-based software for drawing pCpH diagrams and charge balances. pKas for many acids are built-in
  • Contaminant 1D (301k)
    One dimensional groundwater contaminant transport equation. Designed to illustrate advection, dispersion, and decay. Windows based. Easy to use. Sliders are used to set the parameter values and graphs are automatically updated.
  • Soil Partitioning (970k)
    Partitions organic chemical among soil phases including mineral, organic, air, water. Graphical output of numerous equilibrium conditions. Windows based.
  • Random Walk (540k)
    A dynamic, 2-dimensional random walk contaminant transport model for groundwater. Windows based.
  • Finite Section WQ Model (1250k)
    A steady-state, 1D finite section model for rivers and estuaries. Models CBOD, NBOD, DO, salinity, etc. Designed to work with Thomann and Mueller’s Principles of Surface Water Quality Modeling and Control. Windows based.