Financial Aid

A variety of fellowships and assistantships are available through the department of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at Virginia Tech, valued as high as $31,000 plus tuition, fees and health insurance annually. Students must complete the request for financial aid form that is provided with the graduate school application if they want to apply for any form of financial support.

A full-time Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) or Graduate Research Assitantship (GRA) pays $1,702 per month at the M.S. level and $1,797 per month at the Ph.D. level and requires half-time (20 hours/week) work as a teaching assistant or on a sponsored research project. Ph.D. and advanced students, i.e., those who have completed 30 semester hours or more by the beginning of their assistantship appointment can start at a higher level of funding than entering graduate students.

Graduate Research Assistantships: Graduate Research Assistantships are awarded by individual faculty members who have received funded research grants. The availability of GRAs and the amount of the award varies, depending on the projects that have been obtained and the funds allotted for GRAs in those projects. Typically, research carried out by a graduate student on a GRA becomes part of the research for the student’s thesis or dissertation.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships: Each program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is allotted a number of GTAs to award to graduate students. The amount of the assistantship varies, depending on the duties and number of hours associated with it. The duties may involve grading of homework for courses or supervising an undergraduate laboratory course.

Fellowships: The Via fellowships are the premier awards in the Department in terms of level of support, and should be competitive with those at any of our peer institutions. Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for Via graduate funding. A variety of other add-on fellowships, listed below, provide supplemental funding to a Graduate Research Assistantship or Graduate Teaching Assistantship. Students who have applied for admission may be nominated for these fellowships by the faculty. Some of the fellowships have citizenship and/or research interest requirements.

  • Thomas N. Hunnicutt Fellowship
  • Charles Via Fellowships
  • Raymond G. and Madelyn A. Curry Fellowships
  • Pratt Fellowships
  • Walts Fellowship
  • Cunningham Fellowships
  • G.V. Loganathan Memorial Fellowship
  • Brian Bluhm Memorial Fellowship
  • Matt Gwaltney Memorial Fellowships