Student Offices

Office space will be assigned shortly after the beginning of classes. Please notify Julie Petruska at or 1-6043 if you would like an office.  First-year student offices are usually in Femoyer Hall or in 222 Patton.  Once an office is assigned, please see either Beth Lucas to pay a $25.00 key deposit, sign a form and pick up your keys.  Reminder: Please be very careful with your keys!  Costs for changing locks for lost keys are very expensive and the costs would be passed onto the party who lost the keys.  Your key deposit will be refunded to you after all keys are returned to us.

Student mailboxes are located in the hallway on the 4th Floor in Durham Hall (Near Room 493) and in Patton 220.  Beth Lucas is responsible for the mailboxes in Durham and Patton Halls, respectively.

To enter Durham Hall after hours, there is an electronic card door opener on the first floor (facing Whittemore Hall), which requires use of your Hokie Passport to gain access to the building.  Weekend access by this method will be set up within a few weeks of the beginning of school.  Access to Patton Hall after hours will require a key.