SERDP ESTCP Symposium 2019

Dr. Nina Stark and Geotech Graduate Student, Dennis Kiptoo, attended the SERDP-ESTCP symposium held in Washington, DC in December 2019. The symposium featured a diverse group of people ranging from environmental and energy researchers, technology developers with the defense end-user to regulatory communities, all showcasing the latest environmental technologies and ideas. We were honored to be a part of this community and shared what we have been working on of late and at the same time had a chance to connect with researchers in other fields, identify gaps and engage on how may complement each other. Dr. Stark had an oral presentation at the Underwater UXO: Environmental Characterization for Burial and Mobility Modeling session. The presentation was on the improved penetrometer performance in stratified sediment for cost effective characterization, monitoring and management of submerged munition sites. This was an overview of findings of the geotechnical soil parameters obtained using the portable free fall penetrometer (PFFP) based on data collected in the last 1.5 years and also showed ongoing work by Geotech Graduate Student, Reem Jaber, of how the use of Penetrometers can mesh with remote sensing techniques. Dennis had a poster presentation on the rapid geotechnical characterization of seafloor sediments at the Potomac River, Maryland. The poster showed a pathway in which the PFFP can be utilized to obtain geotechnical soil parameters in the upper 1 m and distinguish different soil types based on the sediment strength profile signatures.

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