Yakutat Coastal Geotechnical Field Research Experience 2019

After 3 months in Alaska, Nick returned to Blacksburg at the end of August. In addition to the outreach program with the local school, he spent most of his time collecting a large data set. Fieldwork included: 4 weeks of almost-daily transects at Cannon Beach (transects involved blueDrop deployments, moisture measurements, topographic profiles, and SoilSabre measurements), a series of week-long pressure sensor deployments at multiple sites (different locations on the beach profile at each site), blueDrop deployments from a small craft in the nearshore zone of Ocean Cape, and acoustic measurements in the Situk River and off Ocean Cape. In the last week of the trip, a cohort of 4 undergraduate students joined to gain some experience in coastal/geotech fieldwork. They assisted in beach transects, sediment sampling, and went on the boat trips to take acoustic measurements. We even found a shipwreck with our CHIRP sonar! This was a great learning experience for them in a unique place. Overall, it was a successful field expedition in Yakutat, we hope to continue collaboration in the future, and while he had a great time this summer, Nick is happy to be home!

To read more about Dr. Nina Stark‚Äôs research, please visit her Research Group Blog: https://coastalgeotech.blogspot.com/